Keezer Drip tray ideas (8 awesome examples!)

By Bobby Rock •  Updated: 10/08/21 •  5 min read

So the keezer is coming together nicely. There’s still some room to finish up, but I’m pretty happy with it thus far. 

One thing you may not have thought about until you poured your first beer and noticed some drips from the faucet is a drip tray!

A drip tray is necessary to avoid a massive mess from our beer faucets. Once you have a drip tray all hooked up, your draft system will thank you as well as those that have to clean the mess!

The one problem with building a keezer is that you have to be more creative about a drip tray.

In this article, we’re going to look at some keezer drip tray ideas. Let’s get started!

Read on for more drip tray inspiration!

Keezer Drip tray ideas

There are many options, from magnets, screwing into the body, or screwing into the collar.

1. Magnetic Drip Tray

A magnetic tray that can easily attach to your keezer will work. Although not technically a beverage drip tray, this does the job and is easy to clean.

You probably won’t be able to rest a pint glass on it while pouring. But this works because it goes below the faucets and catches and over pours or drips.

For the low cost of around $20, this is an easy option that won’t hurt the keezer.

Available over on

2. Drill directly into the keezer collar

I’ve seen keezers drill screws into the collar and use a drip tray with a longer backsplash.

Doing it this way will support a couple of full pints resting on the tray while filling them up underneath the faucet.

Check it out here!

3. Screw into the keezer body

Screwing directly into the body of your keezer will provide a sturdy drip tray. And a more affordable drip.

Screwing into the keezer can be done but not recommended. You can damage the body, and worse, you could hurt the cooling elements.

4. Using Magnets to mount drip tray

Magnets can also be used to attach drip trays directly to the keezer body at the top.

This is an easy way that doesn’t require any tools or drilling into your keezer. And also cosmetically appealing.

Try out earth magnets. These are pretty powerful and will hold up to about three pounds of weight.

If I build another keezer, this is how I would be mounting the drip tray because it’s quick and easy.

See more here!

5. Welding Magnets to attach drip tray

Welding magnets have a lot of advantages. You can easily attach a drip tray to your keezer with minimal effort.

All you need is the magnet, and the metal surface, in this case, your keezer, will be strong enough to hold the weight.

This is a great way to mount a drip tray because it’s not going to damage anything inside or outside your kegerator.

The magnets create a 90-degree angle to keep the drip tray snug against the undersides of the faucets.

Using adhesive command strips is another way to attach a drip tray.

These can be purchased from your local hardware store or at

6. Brackets and Wood

Here is another screw into the collar option, except this is more of a custom build to your keezer.

It’s a combination of wood and mounting brackets that can attach any drip tray to the keezer collar.

Pick up some long brackets in the shape of an L and get creative!

Lots of options, see more here!

7. Strong Glue

Gluing the drip tray to the keezer is also an idea that will work. But that does make it more permanent and harder to clean.

The strongest glue is construction glue, so go for it if you know what you are doing!

Here is a drip tray that has been glued to the keezer collar.

More options here!

8. Hanging drip trays

Hanging drip trays are another option.

You can easily screw these into your collar or body.

See more sizes here!

Do you need a drip tray?

No, you don’t, at first. But I think you will want to add one over time because of the drips that do occasionally happen.

Or when friends come over, and you’re trying to fill up two glasses, it can get pretty messy.

So I would say that it’s worth the effort to either build or buy a keezer drip tray. And don’t forget to clean them regularly!

Do I need to have a drain?

I personally don’t need one, only because I pour a few beers a night.

If you are pouring more and finding it is filling up your drip tray too quickly then you need one for sure.

But otherwise, no as long as you can clean and rinse the drip tray out daily you are fine without one.

Well, there you have it, some keezer drip tray ideas.

Now get building!

If you don’t want to build your own, check out our Stainless Steel Kegco DT1440N Kegerator Drip Tray. It will fit in perfectly with any kegerator conversion project.


We have found five options of drip trays, all with their ups and downs. But this should get your creative juices flowing! 

Whatever option you end up choosing will depend on your budget, how often it needs to be cleaned and if you’d like the ability to move it around or not.

A drip tray is necessary for all keezer builds if you don’t want your faucet dripping on your floor. I’ve had plenty of beers now where this has happened!

If you are building a new keezer, make sure you have a drip tray as part of your build!

Let us know what option you went with.

Read more on our site or contact us at for help building your keezer! Cheers!  

Bobby Rock