9 Best Beer Faucets For Keezers and Kegerators!

By Bobby Rock •  Updated: 11/12/21 •  12 min read

Beer faucets, also known as beer taps, are how we pour beer from the keg.

Whether in a keezer or a commercial draft system, beer faucets are a fundamental part of the cold beverage dispensing process.

Faucets come in a few different varieties, but within each of those categories, there are more variables to consider.

Home Brewers face a dilemma when choosing between beer faucets.

One thing is for sure, a faucet isn’t just a faucet, it is a more complicated and well-designed piece of equipment that is necessary to serve the perfect beer every time.

Know your beer faucet choices and the pros and cons associated with each model.

We’re going to go over the various kinds of beer faucets and what you should look for when deciding on your own system.

The 3 types of Beer Faucets

Standard Beer Faucet

Standard Beer Faucets are rear-sealing models that work by drawing liquid inside the faucet body when you pull down on the tap handle and then shutting off once it’s done letting liquid flow through.

The big benefit of a Standard Beer Faucet is that it works on almost every beer style.

It can accommodate anything from a Budweiser to a Guinness and everything in between.



European Beer Faucets

One way to get a perfectly poured beer is to use a good European beer faucet.

These funnels have longer, skinnier spouts that allow for more control while pouring.

Additionally, because of the design of these spouts, there is less foam in the glass because the opening is smaller and angled differently.

Often times you can find a number of different options available for this style of tap handles at your local home-brewing store or online retailer.



Nitro/Stout Beer faucet

If you’re looking for a good faucet to use when serving Guinness or other nitrogen-based beers, then a stout or nitro beer tap is the way to go.

Nitrogen pours are often much creamier and smoother than CO2, so it’s important that the pour lines have no bubbles getting in the way of your pint.

A stout/nitro beer faucet has a small opening with a long, angled spout that eliminates foam from your glass while pouring.



Faucet Features

If you know exactly what style of beer faucet you need for your keezer or homebrew setup, then all that’s left to do is find the right one.

But, if you still aren’t sure which type is best for you, consider these features.

Flow Control Faucets: Flow control faucets have thinner openings. This is better because it helps people pour slowly, which means there’s less foam. This is when you get a nice “head” on top of your beer in your glass.

Self-Closing Faucets: You don’t have to push the lever closed with self-closing faucets.

This is more efficient because you can just let go of it, and it’ll close on its own.

These are good for commercial bars because there’s less cleanup work needed when no one is pouring beer.

What metal are beer taps made of?

Beer taps for keg systems are usually made from stainless steel, chrome-plated brass, or nickel-plated brass.

Stainless steel is much stronger than brass and chrome/nickel which makes the levers of beer faucets strong enough to last through commercial use. This material also resists corrosion.

Brass faucet parts like spouts and handles don’t corrode as quickly as their metal counterparts but do require regular maintenance.

When exposed to liquid (especially tap water), these areas on the faucet can tarnish over time if not properly cared for.

Just remember that your first priority when buying a draft beer system is durability; be concerned with appearance only after you’ve selected the right components.


What kind of beer faucet you use determines how much foam is in your beer and how quickly beer pours out.

These features come at a cost, though; the cheaper the faucet, the more likely it is to wear and tear or corrode.

For regular or heavy-use keezer systems that will be used often, stainless steel faucets provide superior durability over brass and chrome/nickel for greater long-term value.

Selecting a self-closing lever can make cleaning up after work easier as well as reduce mess as compared to pushing down on the tap handle to close the valve off each time.

Best Beer Faucet For Kegerators and Keezers

Including home bar taps, professional draft beer systems, and growler pours, finding the right faucet type is a priority.

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A flow control system can help prevent foam from entering your glass of beer by producing a low-pressure pour.

A self-closing mechanism ensures that you don’t have to touch the faucet after each pour for easy cleaning.

For heavy wear, stainless steel faucets are durable as well as resistant to corrosion which makes them perfect for commercial use as well as lesser-used kegerator setups at home.

The Best Standard Beer Faucets

Standard Beer Faucets Are The Easiest To Use:

You can get started with these types of faucets without having any knowledge about draft systems because their operation is straightforward and simple.

Just push down on the lever to start the flow of beer and push back to stop.

Standard Beer Faucets Are Inexpensive:

When you’re just getting started with a keezer or building your home bar, standard faucet models are going to be the cheapest option available.

This is helpful if you have a budget because these types also tend to have fewer parts that can break.

Standard faucets typically take less time and maintenance as well as provide high-quality pours when compared to other styles.

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Draft Warehouse Beer Faucet

The most affordable faucet is the standard beer tap from Draft Warehouse.

It features a chrome-plated brass body and lever with a stainless steel cap to maximize durability.

This system can accommodate any average keg with ease and comes with all necessary parts for installation (minus the keg of course).

Perlick Beer Faucet

Perlick is the top of the line for beer faucets.

For those that want the best, there’s no comparison.

These are costly but very high quality.

Best Self-Closing Beer Faucet For Kegerators & Keezers, The flow control faucet prevents unwanted foam from entering your glass by producing a low-pressure pour which minimizes disruption to the beer head.

This results in a more consistent and quality pour that is easy to control and will impress your friends.

Intertap Stainless Steel Faucet

There are many reasons to love the Intertap faucet.

For one, it’s a self-closing faucet that locks the valves open or closed based on how much you push down.

It also comes with a removable flow restrictor for controlling the amount of beer poured in order to minimize foam and maximize flavors.

These are also easy to clean and maintain because the whole body is constructed from stainless steel.

The entire tap, including spout and lever, can be modified for accessories like growler fillers and stout taps.

The Best Nitro/Stout Beer Faucets

A proper nitro or stout pour needs to come from a nitro beer faucet.

These fancy faucets are equipped with an internal restrictor disc for smooth, low-pressure pours.

Low pressure reduces the amount of foam that is common when pouring these types of beers to create the rich head associated with this type of pour.

This style provides a unique and consistent experience each time you use one.

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Nitrogen Draft System with Stout Faucet

There are a few reasons why The Nitro Draft System is among the best when it comes to nitro faucets.

The flow rate can be adjusted through a pressure release valve.

The included stainless steel stout tap provides a unique experience whether you pour a Guinness or an Oatmeal Stout into your glass.

Intertap Stainless Steel Stout Faucet

The stout spout from Intertap is a must-have for their faucet.

This unit is not as common as other styles but it provides accurate and consistent pours every time.

For those looking to get the most out of your nitro or stout pours, this becomes an essential addition to your draft system.

K&B Brewing Stout Beer Faucet

The K&B Brewing Stout Beer Faucet is another great option.

This unit, especially on top of a nitrogen draft system, provides a great way to experience the rich flavors and creamy textures associated with stout beers.

There is no need for any additional parts as this faucet comes as a complete package.

The Ultimate Beer Faucet taps

These are the very top of the line when it comes to beer faucet taps.

These are expensive but typically yield the best performance and quality available.

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Perlick Faucet – Flow Control – Model 650SS

Perlick, one of the most respected names in draft beer systems, offers an innovative forward sealing Perlick beer faucet now featuring flow control.

Flow control can help reduce foaming issues no matter what beer line size or Length you’re using.

This faucet is constructed with 304-grade stainless steel and features a forward sealing design. This allows it to always operate smoothly.

P Flow Control Stainless Steel Faucet

The P-Flow Faucet is the best solution for controlling your beer flow.

It has a built-in flow control regulator that allows you to adjust the pouring speed by turning the knob located under the spout.

This faucet can be used on any standard draft beer system, domestic or commercial.

All necessary parts are included for installation. The stainless steel construction makes it very durable and easy to clean.

Intertap Stainless Steel Flow Control Beer Faucet

Just like with their original Intertap faucets, this model features an internal restrictor disc for smooth pours while maintaining a low-pressure system to reduce foam when pouring Guinness, Boddington’s, or other creamy beers.

This faucet offers the perfect balance of performance and quality at a reasonable price.

Perlick 630SS Stainless Steel Draft Beer Faucet

The Perlick 630SS is another great option that will not break your budget.

This faucet features a forward sealing design and stainless steel construction just like the other models mentioned, but without all the bells and whistles associated with some of the other brands.

For those looking for an affordable way to install a beer faucet on their system without worrying about quality or longevity, this model is perfect.

Faucets are essential

Whether you are just putting together your first keezer or you are looking to upgrade your faucets, any of the options listed here make a great addition to your draft system.

There are many styles available, all with their own unique features and functions. Choosing the appropriate style is as simple as deciding what beer you want to serve from it!

Good luck, and happy pouring!

Bobby Rock