Hi, and welcome to beerkeezer.com!  If you landed on this page on purpose then you are also a fan of or in the beginning stages of building yourself a keezer.

First, let me tell you, having a keezer or kegerator in your home is one of the best investments for yourself you can do.  If you’re a fan of craft beer you understand that it is best served cold and from a tapped.  And your investment will save you dollars over time, that is a fact!

About Me and Beer Keezers

A little bit about me, my name is Bob Rock, and I am formally from Wisconsin.  When I say that some of you will understand, this is the land of beer.  Miller, Pabst, and other giants once ruled.

I met my wife in 2014 and we married and I since relocated to Minnesota, which is arguably the land of 10,000 lakes and beers!

But before marriage, I have always loved the idea of making your own beer.

Brewing my own beer

To back up to almost 20 years ago, when I brewed my first batch of beer.  I was in love with this, I made my own beer!  What a huge skill to have. If for some reason I got trapped on an island with a few friends, I would probably become the leader of the tribe based on being able to brew.

But besides all that, brewing beer was amazing but the one downfall was the bottling process.

  • Keeping bottles clean and sanitized
  • Overfilling
  • Over carbonating
  • The time
  • Clean up
  • And worst of all, waiting for an extra 2-weeks for the beer to be ready after it had already gone through the brewing process 6 weeks prior!

That’s when I thought about kegging the beer.  You cut down the time and clean-up tremendously.

Keg it and then what?

Since I live in the North and its cold 9 months out of the year, I figured I would be able to leave the keg outside and grab a beer whenever I liked.  And this is when I learned my second lesson on kegging your beer.

You need to invest in the proper equipment.  And so researching and thinking about how a poor dude in an apartment can brew beer, keg it, and keep it cold to drink I came across a DIY plan.

Can you convert your old dorm fridge into a kegerator?

Here is the deal, you totally can convert your old fridge to become a kegerator, if you do it right and carefully.  My first time doing it, messed up and bent the cooling element which turns out to be the shelf in the unit.  Now I have a broken fridge and no cold beer.

At this point, I realize I need to come up with another plan.  The fridge was free and would have been ideal for my situation, but that failed.

I visit my local beer supply company and start chatting with them about everything I have gone through and what I should do now.

That’s when I was introduced to the term “keezer“.

What is a keezer?

It is two things formed into one, a kegerator and a chest freezer make up the word keezer.

And once I saw how easy it was to do, I went out and bought a brand new chest freezer.  I took this thing into my apartment and built the lid, glued it on and drilled some holes!

It was basic but brilliant, I have tap beer in my apartment!

This website

Keezers have become a thing of their own, like brewing beer, the craftsmanship that gets put into some of the keezers I’ve seen is an art form.  I hope this website influences you to build your own.

Thanks for stopping by!