Where should you put the temperature probe in a keezer? (answered)

By Bobby Rock •  Updated: 11/02/21 •  2 min read

When it comes to keeping your keezer regulating a consistent temperature where you put the temperature probe makes a huge difference.

You can have a space that is constantly too warm or too cold because of where the probe is located. Placing the probe in the right spot is very important to have a consistent temperature.

Three things you need to consider when using a temperature controller:

1. Length of the sensor wire- The longer the sensor, the further it can be placed from the unit and still get an accurate reading. This makes it much easier to place in every position in the freezer without worrying about placement affecting readings.

2. Location and number of probes- Although many temperature controllers will allow for multiple temperature probes, not all probes are created equal!

3. Keep the controller outside of the keezer

Here is where your temperature probe should go in a keezer

For consistent temperature, you can place the probe in a bottle of water and the bottle of water should be down on the bottom of the keezer or the shelf.

Why a bottle of water? The bottle of water will help to stabilize the temperature at that spot.

If you leave the probe just dangling in the keezer the temp can fluctuate enough to throw the temperature controller off a few degrees here and there.

How to keep your keezer cold without working too much

Keep your keezer full of kegs! This will help keep it cold and it will use much less energy to run.

Use a fan to blow the air around, this will keep everything cool!

The cold air will fall toward the bottom so a fan is a great addition.

No matter what always keep an eye on your temperature probe, remember to calibrate it before putting it in use so you can trust what the controller is doing.

If you have any questions about where or how to place your probe then give us a call at the shop!

We want everyone to stay safe and enjoy their homebrewed beverages! Cheers.

Bobby Rock