The Best Kegerator For Your Home (That Just Works!)

By Bobby Rock •  Updated: 04/08/19 •  8 min read

Thirsty for an awesome new way of enjoying a beer at home?  Then the best kegerator is what you need!

Nothing beats that draft beer taste, and what’s better than going to the bar to get served a draft, well having your own.  And you can, for as little as $500 you will be ready to go.

While searching for a way to serve my home-made beer, I did some research on the top 10 best under counter kegerators.  I put together this ultimate guide to help you with your search for a kegerator.

Mostly, they all are very similar and tend to go up in price once another tap is added.  And that’s what I ended up buying, was a 2 tap line kegerator to hold 2 corny kegs of beer.  Onto the guide

What is the best kegerator to buy?

The price range for this guide is $450 to $1500, most kegerators below are in the $500-600 range.  I’ve found that range to be the most sufficient for home use.

Generally, home kegerators see much lighter use than bars.  For one, bars can go through a few kegs an hour, for you and me a keg every month and a half is normal.

This means you don’t need a heavy industrial kegerator for your home.

The good news for us is they do make moderate kegerators for home use, which is much more affordable.

1. EdgeStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator

If you’re looking for a new kegerator, consider the EdgeStar Dual tap for your craft beers.  Easily fit your half shell Sankey keg or 2 sixth sized (Cornelius home-brewed kegs).

It is a nice looking kegerator with a black finish and a chrome beer tower.  You can store this in the kitchen, garage or your man cave.  This unit comes with an empty CO2 tank(only about 10 bucks to refill).

2. EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

The #1 best-selling kegerator on Amazon!  And there is doubt why, this is used not only in people’s homes, but it’s so good it is used professionally at bars and restaurants.

Features a front panel LCD display for easy use of controlling beer temperature.  A nice-looking unit, with a black finish chrome door and chrome beer tower, guardrail, and a drip tray.

Compatible Keg: 1/4 Barrel, 5 Gallon, 5 Gallon D System & 1/2 Barrel Full Size.  This unit can easily convert to a standard bar fridge with 2 standard shelves included.  

3. Midea HS-199B Compact Single Door Kegerator (No Longer Available)

This kegerator comes with an empty Co2 canister and tap kit. It is a pretty slick-looking fridge, all black with a polished black beer tower that has chrome trim.  A stylish stainless steel door and the cabinet is even black too!  Standard removable drip tray.  The tap is removable and has a flexible tube, so it may be possible to have this unit become an under-counter kegerator without much problem.  Full 1-Year and the Compressor has a 2-Year Warranty.  

4. EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

Like the dual one listed about, this is just a single-serve line version of that one.  So, basically, it is under $500 and the other is a little over that much.

This is one of the coldest kegerators on the market, with temperatures capable of reaching 30 degrees.  It comes with everything you need to get started, so no need to have to buy extra stuff except the beer of course!  CO2 tank, regulator, American Sankey coupler, beer line, airline, insulated beer tower, drip tray, faucet, and faucet handles.

Fit full-size half-barrel kegs, pony kegs, slim quarter kegs, or up to slim quarter kegs.  And up to two sixth barrel kegs.

5. Kegco K199B-2HB Home Brew Kegerator Keg Beer Cooler

The Kegco brand is made with the homebrewer in mind.  It features a sharp-looking black cabinet decorative door.  Included is a commercial single gauge CO2 regulator with air splitter.  2 Commercial grade “D” system lever handle keg coupler.  3″ diameter dual faucet chrome plated beer tower.

This is an excellent dual-tap kegerator for a great price.  It also comes with two removable shelves to allow you to easily convert to a beer fridge or under-counter beverage center.  Homebrewers, this is the kegerator that was made for your tap-room!

It dispenses full-size kegs of beer with a premium direct draft kit for the “D” system style kegs.  100% stainless steel so your beer stays sanitary.

The draft tower is also nice stainless steel, as well as all the fittings and couplers.  No rust with this guy!  Included is a 5lb CO2 tank, two Sankey couplers, stainless steel interior floor, easily glide your kegs in without damage.

This is an elegant all-black cabinet with reversible stainless steel doors.  You can also move this from your kitchen to your garage easily with 2-1/2 ” casters.  Created for home use it is quiet and efficient.

6. Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs

This is an amazing deal, with the homebrewer in mind once again.  Included in this besides the dual kegerator are TWO commercial home-brew kegs and TWO conversion kits, and a CO2 tank!  That’s easy $400 right there!

This is a low-temperature fridge, getting down to 30 degrees, it is super quiet.  A nice black outer shell with a dual chrome beer tower.  Two faucets for serving two different kinds of beer and a drip tray.

I really like that they include tanks, those things are kinda pricey on their own.

7. Dual Faucet Digital Kegerator

A nice dual tap system right here. It includes a nice digital display right on the front to easily control the temperature.  Temperature from 32-75 degrees with a built-in fan for even distribution.

You can easily convert this into an under-counter beverage center with the two shelves that are included. A nice looking unit with a black exterior and stainless steel door.

A chrome beer tower with dual faucets and a guardrail that goes on top. The CO2 tank is included (just note, these are around $100 if they don’t come with the kegerator).

8. Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 Kegorator Commercial Beer Keg Fridge

This is a nice-looking beer keg fridge, it is a nice first kegerator if you ask me.  Ideal for home brewers or if you’re a beer enthusiast keep it in the basement for the games!  Holds 1 full-size half-barrel or one 1/4 barrel or two 5-gallon “D” system kegs.

It has a really nice looking black finish, black beer tower with 1 faucet, and drip tray.  A guardrail surrounds the beer tower  Included is a CO2 tank and double meter regulator.

Adjustable thermostat for cooling temps of 30-40 degrees.  This unit looks really nice in the house, doesn’t look big or ugly, I really like the way nostalgia put this kegerator together.

9. Keggermeister KM2800SS Kegerator

This is a perfect kegerator for the home brewer of regular draft beef lovers.

This single tap will keep your keg cold and fresh for up to 3 months.  A nice stainless steel beer tower that features a black and chrome spout.  Chrome guard rails surround the black counter-style top.  A nice looking black exterior to fit in any room of your house.

Adjustable temperature control so you can easily get your beer to that right temperature.  It comes with a CO2 tank and all hoses and connections.

Are Kegerators worth it?

Kegerators have many benefits besides serving beer.  It’s more efficient with electricity and trips to the store.  You also will save money by buying beer in a keg vs cans or bottles.

If you have space, a kegerator is well worth having.  They are a fun way to gather and entertain you and your friends.

Over time the kegerator will pay itself off by the savings from buying kegs of beer.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a Kegerator?

It might be cheaper to build your kegerator by shopping around and finding the best prices for a chest freezer and parts.

But to be honest, it could end up costing just the same or more.  The reason is as you build your kegerator it becomes a labor of love and your custom design can start to add up, trust me!

If you like building things and you are up for a project, build yourself a keezer!

If you just want the no hassle, and plug your beer ready to go set up, look into any of the kegerators I’ve listed in this article, they will serve you well.


I liked that most of these came with all connections and CO2 tanks.  The CO2 tank is easy $100 for a 5lb tank.  So that’s nice that most come with it.  As well as all the connection lines and hookups.

My favorite, being a homebrewer, was the kegerator that comes with 2 kegs.  That’s a value of over $400.  My only other thought is, if you’re hesitant about getting a kegerator, you won’t be when it’s in your home with a fresh cold beer on tap.  It is probably the coolest thing in my house right now!  Cheers!

Bobby Rock